wildflowers (floating) - december 2018.jpeg

wildflowers (floating)

Little girl steps

Little girl jumps

This way to the magic

That way to the unknown

The world is a twirling swirl of foamy imaginings

Summersaulting possibles

Bouncing atop my wishing well





Little girl smiles

december 2018

smack dab (two for the road) - september 2018.jpeg

smack dab (two for the road)

A constellation with three stars

Is teaching me to dance

The star-spangled-sideways waltz

With my eyes closed.

He says it will help me

Understand what laughter

Tastes like when you add

Backward thinking and forward looking

At the very end of the smile process.

No previous experience required.

All forms of magnificence welcome.

Costumes provided.

Bring it.

september 2018

wear a helmet next time (the fall) - june 2018.jpeg

wear a helmet next time (the fall)

A sudden blow to my remembering

Knocks me on my ass.

Falling slowly

I hear the looking glass whisper....

“Why is your square dance skirt on upside down?”

My only possible reply....

“Because i ran out of popsicle sticks.”

I wonder what will find me when i wake.

june 2018

all done (but the letting go) - may 2018.jpeg

all done (but the letting go)


Faster this time

Exit door approaching

Fullness and hunger all at once

Merge into new path



Letting go

may 2018

dressed to dream (i'll fly away) - march 2018.jpeg

dressed to dream (i’ll fly away)

A new dream tapped on my window last night....

In the form of a rather large sparrow in a long purple cape.

“Time to go missy....you’ve been stuck here long enough.

There’s flying to be flown and swirling to be swung.

The dance has already started and your favorite song is coming up.”

I took a look around my room

And noticed that there was nothing in it that felt like it belonged to me anymore.

“Don’t worry missy....all your loves are waiting

Just on the other side of that golden cloud beyond the moon.”

As i moved toward the window

I felt like i was moving in slow motion

And yet each step felt lighter and laughter bubbled up from inside me.

I began to remember and forget at the same time.

Yes, this is where I’m going

Yes, this is who i am

Yes, this is the way home.

march 2018

the call of the wilderness (and the inner wild) - march 2018.jpeg

the call of the wilderness (and the inner wild)

How to be prepared for that which has no possible preparation:

Dig into the darkness that hides directly behind the light

Hold nothing gently in your hands

Laugh out-loud at your own ridiculousness

Watch it all as you fly overhead

Swim in the truth that swirls in every lie

Lean into each breath until you feel the world touch the inside of your lungs.

Then maybe, you might possibly begin to understand

That life is only now.

And now is everywhere.

march 2018

starlight (and heartbeats) - february 2018.jpeg

starlight (and heartbeats)

How far is it from this star to that star?

Can you measure it in heartbeats?

What if stars and hearts are connected,

And when one heart stops beating

The stars can feel the silence.

While the sound of that stopping

Creates a hollow in the air,

Warm to the touch,

Sending shivers across your skin.

And every so slowly, rising,

With painstaking calculation and purpose,

To the star that is calling it home.

february 2018

the guild of thieves (a prophecy retold) - february 2018.jpeg

the guild of thieves (a prophecy retold)

“But i am no leader, I am not as powerful as the others,” she said.

To which the moon replied, “Make your own path.

You are stronger than you know and the world is not at it seems.”

The time of magic is once again upon us.

And the adventurers awaken.....

february 2018

will of a wisp (with a broom in one hand) - january 2018.jpeg

will of a wisp (with a broom in one hand)

I remembered my name today,

It started when a rather unusually shaped know-it-all offered me a slice of dillydallies with a sprinkling of yesterdays,

I absolutely could NOT resist and replied, “I’m not one to say boo to tradition.”

Just when i thought my belly would burst from adding several extra helpings of yesterdays (and whipped cream) on top.....it began to rain small pellets of why-not with chocolate-cherry tomorrows....i like to catch them on my tongue and hold my breath until they turn orange flavored.

What happened next is anybody’s guess...although i have been unable to locate anybody for the past several hours.

But suddenly i was home at my kitchen table staring at a letter written in blue crayon on yellow paper....

Dear Annie,

Come find me....let’s play.

Your secret admirer

january 2018

witch way the wind blows (cross roads) - january 2018.jpeg

witch way the wind blows (cross roads)

Come closer

And I’ll tell you a story....

But i can only whisper the words,

Because if i speak too loudly,

Others might hear and begin to believe.

The truth is....

She made her own way,

Yes, she made it up as she went along.

She made her own map,

Yes, she wrote down the places as she traveled.

She made her own meaning,

Yes, she cried and laughed and laughed and cried,

And found magic and wonder and insanity and connection.

‘How did she do it?’....you ask....

With her whole heart,

Every single step,

Every single day.

And lots and lots of chocolate pudding.

january 2018

when you are looking for a sign (and it's also looking for you) - january 2018.jpeg

when you are looking for a sign (and it’s also looking for you)

Some part of this road seems familiar

And yet i am not myself today

I recognize bits and piece of my yesterday

And some of the hopes for tomorrow

Mixed into a jumble of swirling never-was and not-any-more

My heart feels full of cotton candy

And my head full of sunshine bursts in between rain storms

How to begin in the middle

Of a journey that feels like it belongs to someone else’s bedtime story

Stepping up to the sign post in front of me

Written in very small letters.....

To your left, the land of BRAVERY

Where things mostly smell like apple pie

And they all do their washing on Tuesdays.

To your right, the land of DARING

Where things mostly taste like mint marshmallows

And they all sing for their suppers.

Well, i was just craving apple pie.....

january 2018

fireflies and honeysuckle (winds of change) - january 2018.jpeg

fireflies and honeysuckle (winds of change)

Hello wild one.

I’ve been waiting for you.

The tea party will begin shortly, once the fireflies arrive.

I’m feeling crumbly today, but i still have a pretty dream

Tucked in my back pocket that I’ve been saving for days such as this.

I often wrap them in cheese cloth that was soaked in honeysuckle,

Left to dry in the midsummer sun

And then sprinkled generously with tiny candy-coated epiphanies.

Some find the epiphanies too bitter for their liking,

But i love the tart surprise that makes you want to stand on your head

And sing songs backwards.

Let us pour some tea and feast on ridiculous words

For they are the most delicious

And leave you feeling full for hours.

january 2018