he arrives (two pennies) 800 - july 2019 1.jpeg

he arrives (two pennies)

july 2019

hand of the queen (wind flower) 800 -june 2019.jpeg

hand of the queen (wind flower)

june 2019

what was once golden (cold metal) 800 - may 2019.jpeg

what was once golden (cold metal)

may 2019

libertines (and liberty) 800 - february 2019.jpeg

libertines (and liberty)

Without the flip of a switch

Or the turn of a knob

The secret knowing

Woven amongst

The cells that are my making,

Dazzling bits and bobs

Darting and dancing

Gently tapping

Each other

With a bit of a spark

And a call to action,

They are keen to rejoin

The adventure that is....already in progress,

As they cackle and crackle

With impossible sacredness

And delicious ridiculously

I taste fireworks and music

From the inside.

february 2019

TBD (sera) 800 - january 2019.jpeg

SHE (unexpected)

Ever measured steps

Creeping only near

Never through or true or ending

Heart sinking and shrinking and slowing

Braiding the waiting

Binding the wishing


Something breaks and begins and breathes

Wide awake gasping and grasping and gripping

Scheme-less revolution

Undirected wilding

Singular reckoning




What now little one?

Who are you?

january 2019

SHE (unexpected) 800 - january 2019.jpeg

TBD (sera)

Floating above my head

The telling

And retelling

How it was

How it is

How it will always be

Begins to fade,

As drops of discovery

Bleed a color calamity

All over my history,

I feel new shapes

Of me forming

In splashes

Of surprise laughter

And upside-down love.

january 2019